As a results-driven Direct Response and Branding Agency, Meyer Direct’s strategies and processes for business and marketing services has provided our clients better positioning and higher profits. And, since every business is unique, whether you have a product or service, we work with you to discover the "One" thing that makes your company different from every one else. We use what we discover to brand and craft your message to give you the broadest exposure at the best cost to market and advertise your business. You must be able to measure some form of change whether it be increased sales, increased awareness, website traffic, etc., it must not just feel like a success, it must be a measureable data proven success. And that's where Meyer Direct can help you!

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For direct response marketing to work, you need a combination of a strong sales message and an offer. In one-way or another, you must ask for the order (or at least for a response, an inquiry). Advertising that merely "influences" or gives the recipient a better feeling about a product or service, or creates brand awareness, is not direct response marketing.

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You compensate Meyer Direct for our expertise in direct marketing not for substantial overhead associated with large agencies. We place a high degree of importance on quality assurance. Attention to detail is a primary focus.

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Meyer Direct has been serving clients for over 20 years in all aspects of professional marketing through advertising and business services such as branding, direct mail, direct response marketing, website design, print advertising and graphic logo design.

Our focus is on realtionship marketing to help you acquire new customers retain your current customers, develop customer activation, retention and loyalty programs while increasing profitbility and ROI.

We are a boutique full-service ad agency that strategically develops customized solutions that meet your marketing needs. We provide comprehensive marketing and advertising services from concept and strategy through project management.

We want to help you create customers for life!



We'll develop and implement a plan that matches your needs and target market. Meyer Direct provides a complete range of strategic, creative, production, and fulfillment services generating trackable responses from your target or prospect. Our expertise has been put to work for clients in many industries, now Meyer Direct would like to put it to work for your business.