Direct Mail, Ads & Web for Design Natural Products

Spectrum Organic

The challenge was to create a Direct Mail piece that would be interactive and get opened up. We crated this as a self-mailer with a Flax seed packet and a coupon and a business replay card. This was extremely successful and was reprinted and mailed out multiple times. Web design was fashioned after a magazine to make it easier to navigate. The survey direct mail piece was used to garner information. Over 20% response was received with this mailer.

Direct Mail & Brochure for Telecommunications

Qwest Telecommunications

Before Century Link became Century Link it was called Qwest. This is when Anchutz purchased Bell West (affectionately renamed "Bell Worst". They hired MDI to try to beat the control package for one of their "Dial Around" products, We designed a package that was so successful that they ended reprinting this package over 50 million times. In fact they gave this assignment to huge East and West Coast ad agencies to try to beat the control package that we created. They spent millions of dollars trying to beat this package, they never could.

Direct Mail for Accounting Software Company

Champion Software

We were tasked with creating  more awareness to very highly targeted group, college accounting professors. We created a 3-D package that had a CD-ROM that the professors could test out the software before ordering for their students. A few follow-up direct mail pieces were created to further entice the professors to order this software. These packages were so successful that this became the No1 Selling Accounting Software in the World!

Direct Mail For On-Line Company

This direct mail piece was created to talk to wedding planners to utilize the services of this on-line company.

Direct Mail For Movie Company

United Artists Theater Chain

This direct mail piece was created to grab the attention of the reader by incorporating a "Pop-Up" into the design, once Popped up it displayer a customer convenience/loyalty card that was microperfed so it could be popped off. It also had the name address ink jetted onto the card which was also used as the mailing address that showed through the window of this self-mailer.