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You have heard the saying; "it isn't creative unless it sells". Meyer Direct lives by these words everyday. Through creative testing and constant analysis, Meyer Direct will determine your company's return on your investment. We are honest and objective about strategy, but our creative really knocks their socks off.


There are a lot of secrets of direct marketing that few agencies understand. Without solid experience, a general advertising agency can neither teach nor practice direct marketing confidently or successfully. General advertising agencies know surprisingly little about how to create good direct response advertising. Without a yardstick of response to tell them how close they are coming to the mark, image-makers don't really know what will or will not succeed. Their aim is to tickle the client, win the creative award, and hopefully get lucky. These advertisers make the mistake of focusing on being "creative" rather than selling the product or brand.



The definition of integrated advertising is more complicated than a general agency is willing to understand. General agencies see it as "speaking with one voice in all media". It is a massive branding or image building effort; a campaign where every element works together toward the same results. When you add direct marketing of direct response advertising, which is often the case today, a major problem may arise. Direct marketing is truly accountable to get the measured response. We lead our selling message with strong benefits, if we don't we cannot motivate our prospects or our current customers to act. To do this correctly, branding or image awareness advertising must sometimes take second place to motivating messages. Good integrated advertising that recognizes the requirements of our bottom-line approach represents some of the strongest, most cost effective advertising around. The communications are synergistically integrated to build awareness while retrieving response.

As a Full Service Advertising Agency focusing in Direct Response Marketing, Meyer Direct's integrated capabilities include:

• Creative Strategy and Development
• Direct Mail
• Database Marketing and Management
• List Procurement and Management
• Print Advertising
• Broadcast Advertising
• Copywriting, Script Development
• Media Planning and Buying Services
• Web Site Design
• Research and Development
• Graphic Design
• Corporate Identity and Logo Design
• Sales Literature
• Promotion and Events
• Mobile Media
• Catalog Development
• Point of Purchase Advertising
• Photography
• Signage



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